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Las Vegas shows are famous for their glittering, raunchy, five-star production values and amazing casts.
The website aims to guide users through the various stages of attending a Las Vegas Shows. If you want to research the types of shows you’re interested in to find a specific production that will suit you, All-Vegas has you covered. Our guide to Las Vegas shows will help you find the best prices on show tickets.

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Las Vegas Show Tickets

  • Visit the website of any Las Vegas show, and you’ll be amazed at the expensive prices for the entertainment.
  • Tickets can be several hundred dollars for just one seat, which is too expensive for most conservative budgets.
  • Don’t be left out of the fun because you can find cheap tickets to Las Vegas’s hottest shows with a few tricks of the trade.
  • Explore these strategies so that you can be front and center for that next concert or performance.
How to Buy Cheap Tickets to Las Vegas Shows
Compare prices on
Compare prices & find tickets best deals on should be your first stop if you want to find out about Las Vegas Shows. The website aims to guide users through the various stages of attending a Las Vegas Shows. If you want to research the types of shows you’re interested in to find a specific production that will suit you, has you covered. The site also aims to help you compare ticket prices and seats so that you always pay the best price for the best seats.
Try Online Promo Codes
Every show has a slump in sales at some point. These slow-moving periods are when you’ll find legitimate promo codes online. Search for “cheap Vegas tickets” online, and many sites pop up with these promo codes. Simply use the codes during your online-checkout process. Be aware that some codes might be expired. Pay attention to your checkout amount both before and after you plug in the promo code. If it works, you’ll see a discount of 30 or 50 percent. Cancel the transaction if the code is expired. You won’t be charged anything, but you’ll have to continue your search for tickets at that point.
Shop Early
From the moment that you learn a trip to Vegas is in the works, start picking show dates and times. Purchasing your tickets well ahead of the show date often results in some early-bird specials. These shows want to know that their seats are selling as quickly as they’re put out for sale. By reserving your seats early on, discounts on single or dual seats are possible. Ideally, buy your tickets several months before the show date. The prices will only grow in price from that point forward.
Check the Strip's Kiosks
Along the Vegas Strip, you’ll find brightly colored kiosks advertising tickets for deep discounts. These businesses are legitimate because they’re simply trying to sell every single ticket before the curtain reveals the show. They’ll post the shows offered and current rates for each performance. Some kiosks might have different shows to choose from so you may want to visit several of them before making a final purchase. It’s necessary to physically visit these ticket suppliers, however. The on-sale shows are for that day only in many cases. If you don’t find a better deal prior to visiting Las Vegas, these kiosks are perfect for those last-minute deals.
Sign up for a Timeshare Vacation
The next time you’re in Las Vegas, talk to the salespeople who come up to you in random hotels. These salespeople sell timeshares in the area, and they offer great incentives to watch their presentations. In most cases, you’ll receive free show tickets and possibly a hotel stay by volunteering for a future, timeshare presentation. You’ll only receive the show tickets after the presentation, but that only requires a few hours of your time. There’s no purchase necessary either.
Consider Off-Season Visits
Las Vegas is open for business 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but they do have their slow seasons. Wintertime before and after the holidays is a perfect time to find those discounted show tickets. In fact, you might find discounts as lucrative as 2-for-1 sales. Go online, type in an off-season date and look for any applicable discounts. Vegas businesses want you to spend your money on gambling, food and lodging so offering discounted show tickets is one of their incentives to get you to the city. Enjoy a show that would be out of your budget otherwise.          
Ask the Concierge
A secret outlet for show tickets is your hotel’s concierge. When extra seats are available, the show’s administrators will often distribute the tickets to the concierge desks in the immediate area. Try the concierge at the hotel where the show is being held. The tickets might be discounted or free altogether, especially if you’re a guest at that particular hotel. If that concierge doesn’t have the tickets, they might be able to point you to a desk with some show opportunities.
Befriend a Local
Las Vegas loves its visitors, but it also pays tribute to its residents too. Befriend a local who might buy some tickets for you. With the proper identification, the local will often receive a great discount on expensive tickets. Research the shows that offer this perk. Every show has its own limitations on discounts, but it’s not uncommon for Vegas or Nevada residents to be treated kindly by ticket sellers.
Hit the Slots
It may seem counter-intuitive to gamble with the money that you want to save for a show, but complimentary tickets are possible through this route. Pick out penny or nickel slots, and start playing the games. Casino managers usually note the loyal players in the area. They might offer you a comp of a free show as you continue to play. As long as you remain with the inexpensive slots, you’ll barely lose any money as you gain comped show tickets.
Select a Matinee Performance
A matinee performance is normally cheaper than a nighttime reservation. People simply want the status of going to a night show. There’s absolutely no difference between the daytime and nighttime shows, however. Pick a 2 p.m. showtime, and you’ll notice an inexpensive price popping up on an online portal. Ideally, any show before 5 p.m. will be a great deal for most travelers.
Don't Forget Sunday and Monday
Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the most expensive days and nights in Vegas. Show tickets will be at a premium price. To really save money, travel to Sin City between Sunday and Wednesday. Early-week tickets will be discounted because of the lower volume of visitors. You’ll benefit with a spectacular show and little investment.   Plan ahead or try those last-minute deals for the best tickets in town. Vegas shows go on year-round so you’re bound to find and see a favorite performance at some point. Sin City is known for its entertainment, and you won’t be disappointed with the choices along the Strip.

Las Vegas Shows - Overview

Of course, there are also plenty of fantastic Las Vegas shows to entertain visitors too. Plenty of big names perform in Las Vegas shows and there’s something for everyone. There is music, celebrity, comedy, magic, or something completely new.  Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Las Vegas.

Musical Shows

You don’t have to go to New York City’s Broadway for musicals. In Las Vegas, there are performers like Britney Spears, tongue-in-cheek productions like Menopause: The Musical, and classics like Fiddler on the Roof.

Comedy Shows

If you’re looking for laughs, there’s a Las Vegas show for you. Groups like Aces of Comedy and solo performers like Carrot Top can be found in Las Vegas. Why not go for a giggle?

Tribute Shows

There are also plenty of tribute shows if you want to soak in the likeness of your favorite star. There’s MJ Live: A Michael Jackson Tribute, The Rat Pack is Back, and more. Whoever you’re looking for, you’ll find them in Vegas.

Magic Shows

Las Vegas has a magical atmosphere and there’s no better place to see a magic show. Excellent magicians like Criss Angel, David Copperfield, and Penn and Teller perform Las Vegas shows.

Cirque du Soleil Shows

Cirque du Soleil transformed the world of circus performance and they’re dominating in Las Vegas. There’s aquatic O, Michael Jackson ONE, super-athletic Mystère, and more.

Shows for Kids

There are plenty of shows to entertain children so don’t worry if you’re bringing your kids to Las Vegas. Most of the Cirque du Soleil shows are family-friendly and will keep children entertained throughout. There are also the Blue Man Group, Recycled Percussion, and many more age-appropriate acts.

Adult Shows

What if you don’t want to bring the kids with you? Luckily, there are plenty of adult shows in Las Vegas to keep you occupied. Try Absinthe, X Burlesque, Magic Mike Live, or one of many other adult shows to titillate you in Las Vegas.

Dinner and Show Packages

If you’re looking for a full evening in one go, you should check out Las Vegas dinner and show packages. Le Rêve, Mystère, Rod Stewart, and many other performers and performances offer dinner alongside the show. You can sit, eat, and enjoy the show all at once.

There are Las Vegas shows to please all audiences. Whether you’re visiting with friends, family, partners, or children, you’ll find the show for you. You’re guaranteed a show of the highest standard when you book tickets for a production in Las Vegas. So, take a break from the casinos and the pool and see a Las Vegas show – you won’t regret it!

Current Shows in Las Vegas

Current favorites include Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace, Santana and former America’s Got Talent winner, Terry Fator, at the Mirage. Production shows include Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino, the multi-present Cirque du Soleil and the wonderful Million Dollar Quartet at Harrahs; all given a dash of extra Vegas glitz.

But for every visiting band or comedian, there are established acts that have made Vegas their homes. Getting a permanent gig at a Strip hotel is the Holy Grail for many artists; offering a chance to draw the crowds night after night without the rigors of a life on the road.

If you want to really feel as though you’ve done Vegas, book a ticket to see Donny Marie Osmond at the Flamingo, or Trent Carlinis tribute to The King at LVH-Las Vegas Hotel Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton, where Elvis himself performed).

What all these shows have in common is the professional staging and razzmatazz this town exudes. Ultimately, you know the casinos want your money, but at least they’re making an effort to take it, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time while you’re being mugged!

Given the popularity of many Vegas shows, booking ahead is recommended; especially if there is a particular act you want to catch while you’re in town. Some acts perform daily, but others have limited engagements or residencies, and these often sell out quickly (at pretty high prices).

However, if you don’t have a particular show in mind and are happy to take your chances, some of the less popular shows can be booked on the day or at short notice. Try Legends in Concert at the Flamingo and you’ll get a whole raft of celebrities in one show (or at least their so-called impersonators).

Las Vegas Shows – Prices

Prices for all Vegas shows range from about $50 to $100 plus. Check around for deals before your go; you can often grab a seat upgrade or free coupon for the buffet when booking for the less popular shows.

If youve blown your budget at the tables, there are also some free shows you can catch. Take the Deuce city bus down to Fremont Street and catch the nightly light shows (which can get a bit rowdy), or watch the spectacular water fountains doing their thing outside the Bellagio. Swing by TI (Treasure Island) for the revamped Sirens show, or, for the ultimate in Vegas kitsch, it has to be Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops, where Atlantis falls daily!

So while the days of Elvis, Louis Prima and the Rat Pack may sadly be long gone, if you’re spending a few days in Vegas, taking in a show is still a must, and your choice is endless.

Shows for Kids – Review

Vegas may be the ultimate adult playground, but that doesn’t mean kids are excluded. In fact, Sin City has gone to great efforts to appeal to the whole family. While its true that most of the shows and activities remain adult-orientated, casino owners are fully aware that they need to appeal to all demographics. So heres a quick sample of whats available on the Strip for the whole family…
Magic Shows Suitable for Family Viewing Amid the singers and comedians, Las Vegas has its share of magicians, which can be a good option for younger audiences.   For children aged five and over, check out Mac Kings Comedy Magic Show at Harrahs. Its an old-style blend of comedy and sleight-of-hand magic that plays Tuesdays to Saturdays at 1pm and 3pm (with the show running around 60 minutes). Tickets start at around $30. To continue the magic theme, the one and only David Copperfield performs at the MGM Grand at 7pm and 9.30pm, with a 4pm show on Saturdays. The show runs for 90 minutes and is suitable for those aged five and older. Tickets start at $70. To round out the magic trilogy, Nathan Burtons Comedy Magic show at Planet Hollywood is suitable for the whole family and is a blend of comedy, illusions and Las Vegas pizazz. He performs Tuesdays to Sundays at 4pm. Ticket start at $40.
If your kids aren’t fans of magic, Terry Fator’s show at the Mirage is suitable for those aged five and older. Its a showcase for the former America’s Got Talent Winners substantial talents as a ventriloquist, vocalist and puppeteer. He performs his 90-minute show Monday to Friday at 7.30pm. Tickets start at $60.   Zany favorites, the Blue Man Group, perform their show at 7pm daily, with extra shows at 4pm and 9.30pm on selected dates. The show contains loud, percussive music and movement throughout the audience of the performers and props, so the show is only recommended for those aged three and over. Tickets start at $65 and go way up for this popular show. Tip – the Blue Man Group also parades through the Monte Carlos casino floor from 6.15pm so you can check them out for free. For a little medieval fun, head over to the Excalibur for Tournament of Kings, a combination of jousting, dancing and singing; all accompanied by a grand feast. So you get dinner and entertainment all in one. The show is suitable for all ages (those under three go free if they don’t require a seat) and runs Wednesday to Monday at 6pm and 8.30pm. Tickets cost $59 with a three course dinner and $45 for just the show. Hint – double check before booking shows that they are suitable for children. For example, some of the Cirque du Soleil productions are only suitable for those aged 18+. Family-Friendly Activities So, you’ve been to a show or two, but what about the rest of the day? For the ultimate child-friendly activity, head over to Circus Circus. Their Adventuredome is Americas largest indoor theme park and features rides, laser tag, miniature golf, bumper cars, clown shows and more. It costs $5 to $8 per ride. All-day passes are $27.95 for adults and $16.95 for children. For a more sedate activity, you can also check out their Chuck Jones Experience exhibit, which is a celebration of the great cartoonist. It costs $19.95 for adults and $14.95 for visitors ages five to 17 (those aged four and under go free). If you find yourself at the opposite end of the Strip, you can head over to New York New York and ride their rollercoaster. It costs $14 per person for the first ride; $7 for the second; or you can ride all day for $25 (with a 54-inch height restriction). Theres also a Coney Island-themed arcade and family amusement center. A little further down the Strip at Mandalay Bay, you can visit Shark Reef aquarium, which is home to 1,200 species of marine life including sharks, exotic fresh and saltwater fish and a big turtle. Tickets cost $18 for adults and $12 for children aged five to 12, with children aged four and under admitted free.
For those planning a budget-friendly family vacation, there are a number of free entertainment options. Live entertainment is available at regular times throughout the day at the Venetians Grand Canal Shoppes. Stilt walkers, dancers and living statues can be found in Vegas very own version of St. Marks Square. Shows last around 15 minutes.   Five times each night, the Sirens of TI perform their 18-minute show in front of the TI (Treasure Island). The show may be a little raunchy, but little ones may enjoy the pyrotechnics. Its standing room only and the surrounding area can get pretty crowded. On similar theme, the spectacular volcano outside the Mirage erupts every hour on the hour between 7pm and 11pm each night. You can also explore the hotel’s atrium; an indoor rainforest with lagoons, waterfalls and exotic foliage. While there are plenty of paid animal attractions in Las Vegas, head to the Flamingo and check out their Wildlife Habitat for free. Open each day from 8am to dusk, the habitat is home to pink flamingos, exotic ducks and koi fish, among others. So, come along; bring the kids… While Las Vegas may never rival Disney, it is certainly a place you can bring the whole family and know that youll all have a great time.

About Las Vegas Shows

Best Shows in Vegas

The best shows in Las Vegas are bright, dazzling, and thoroughly entertaining. Luckily, in a city packed to the brim with excellent showmanship, it isn’t difficult to find a great night’s entertainment. Whether you’re looking for comedy, music, circus performance, or dinner and a show, you’ll find it in Vegas. The strip offers a host of fantastic venues and great performances. Try one of the best shows in Las Vegas for a great night out.

Le Revе “Тhe Dream”

Le Reve is a stunning piece of circus performance that portrays a dreamlike world. The show combines fire, water, and more. You can enjoy the show with dinner at the buffet at Wynn Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

The world’s most innovative circus troupe and music from the King of Pop come together in Michael Jackson ONE. The fantastic Cirque du Soleil performance is an excellent tribute to Michael Jackson’s talent.

Raiding The Rock Vault

This much beloved show recounts the history of rock ‘n’ roll. It includes classic hits from rockers and rollers like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, and many more.

O by Cirque du Soleil

This show, named “O”  is another fantastic Cirque du Soleil performance. It showcases high dive, underwater dance, and fabulous aerial acrobatics. Any Cirque du Soleil fan will adore this dreamy production. O by Cirque du Soleil is an whimsical and visually stunning show that transports audiences into a fantastical world of wonderment and awe with the use stunning acrobatics surrounded by air, fire and, most prominently, water.

Human Nature: Jukebox

Human Nature: Jukebox – this clever show uses the human voice to create varied and beautiful music. The group runs through some of music’s most loved genres and tunes, bringing each one to life in their own way.

Carrot Top

The comedian Carrot Top has been a huge hit since he started performing in the 1980s. These days, he shows no signs of slowing down. His flashy Las Vegas gig is one of the best shows in Las Vegas.

Everyone loves the Las Vegas high life. These are some of the best shows in Las Vegas, so what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and get ready for the night of your life.

Las Vegas Production Shows

Las Vegas production shows are quite a sight to see. They blend some of the best facets of Las Vegas shows together within one fascinating performance. They combine different performance components like dance, music, comedy, and spoken word to create varied and lovable shows. Las Vegas production shows are a must-see if you want a unique evening out on the strip.

The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group are acclaimed all around the world, but they’re particularly popular in Las Vegas. These funny blue men combine comedy, rhythm, and movement to create a gripping show that will keep adults and kids entertained.

O by Cirque du Soleil

O is a water-based masterpiece. In fact, the title is a play on the French word “eau”, meaning water. Performers leap through the air, the water, and across the stage to the delight of the audience.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

V is an intriguing blend of different acts that changes night by night. As a result, they always offer something new to the audience. From jugglers and magic to physical comedy and skating, there’s something for everyone in V.

Donny & Marie

Donny and Marie Osmond are born performers, and they know how to put on a show. Their Las Vegas performance is full of singing, dancing, and engaging audience chatter. Any Osmond fan will be enthralled by this sweet Las Vegas production show.

Le Rêve “The Dream”

Le Rêve is a typical Cirque du Soleil performance but it takes things to the next level. There are aerial acrobatics, underwater choreography, and everything in between in this beautiful performance.

There’s something particularly special about Las Vegas production shows. Certainly, they offer a little something extra that other performances can’t quite match. You’ll be gripped from the moment the curtain rises.

Las Vegas Magic Shows

There’s nothing quite like a Las Vegas magic show. Magic shows everywhere bring out the child in us all, transporting us back to the childhood birthday party where a magician wowed the crowd. In Las Vegas, magic shows are on a whole other level. The productions pay attention to every detail, the tricks work seamlessly, and the magicians are top notch. You’ll be enthralled by a trip to a Las Vegas magic show, so don’t hesitate to get your hands on tickets.


Criss Angel is a modern magician with a Gothic twist, offering all manner of thrills to the audience. This Cirque du Soleil-affiliated show is a must-see in Las Vegas.

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller are the charismatic duo that brought magic back to the US in their inimitable way. They tell the secrets behind magic tricks while somehow imbuing them with even more wonder.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield is a personable magician – the kind of guy you’d want to be buddies with while he astounds you with his magic tricks. This fantastic show is a brilliantly executed testament to his talents.

Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly

Mat Franco won season nine of America’s Got Talent and blends comedy, magic, and audience interaction in this savvy show. He’s a likeable young man with an excellent eye for magic.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton uses props to bring magic to life on the Las Vegas stage. He cracks jokes and brings dancers on stage to create an all-round cabaret experience, with the emphasis on magic and laughs.

Las Vegas magic shows are truly thrilling. As an audience member, the tricks onstage will enchant you for the duration of these dreamlike shows. Open your mind, widen your eyes, and get ready to enjoy these fantastic Las Vegas magic shows.

Las Vegas Comedy Shows

There’s something particularly exciting about going to see live shows in Las Vegas. The extravagant settings, high production values, and top notch performers make it a truly unique experience. Of course, this is all taken to the next level in Las Vegas comedy shows. Some of the funniest, most side-splitting comedians perform on Las Vegas stages. Your sides will be sore after these fantastic shows.

Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment

Terry Fator won America’s Got Talent in 2007 with his super funny puppet show. These days, he’s entertaining huge audiences in Las Vegas with his cast of puppet buddies in this excellent evening of entertainment.

Carrot Top

The redheaded comedian is world famous and widely loved. His Las Vegas comedy show involves props, light shows, pyrotechnics, and wacky jokes that will send you into fits of giggles.

Jeff Dunham: Perfectly Unbalanced

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham performs with a host of hilarious puppet sidekicks onstage. There are a variety of side splitting characters in Dunham’s act, and each one is even more funny than the last.

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Master hypnotist Marc Savard invites audience members onto the stage in this mesmerizing act. He brings his humor and talent to this enthralling Las Vegas comedy and magic show.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton combines magic and hilarity in this side splitting Las Vegas comedy act. He uses a variety of props and engages his lovely assistants to create a humorous but impressive magical spectacle.

Las Vegas comedy shows are a surefire way to spend the night laughing. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on some tickets if you’re a comedy fan or you want a fun night out in Vegas. These Las Vegas comedy shows will have you giggling from beginning to end.

Las Vegas Dinner and Show Packages

Las Vegas is a great place to grab some drinks and take in a quick show. But what if you want something a little more fulfilling? Las Vegas dinner and show packages let you enjoy a fantastic performance while dining on delicious meals. There are plenty of dinner and show packages available in Las Vegas, so you’re bound to find something to suit you.

Donny & Marie

Donny and Marie Osmond put on a fantastic Vegas show that you can see alongside an appetizing dinner. The dinner and show package includes a meal at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant at Caesars Palace.


Acrobatics and theater combine to create a thrilling spectacle in Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère. Your eyes and tastebuds will love this dinner and show package at Treasure Island at the TI Resort & Casino

Vegas! The Show

Live performers take you on a trip through Las Vegas history in Vegas! The Show. Tuck into delicious food from the PBR Rockbar & Grill in Planet Hollywood as the show unfolds.


Zumanity is an erotic feature that will entice open minded adults. Tickets can also include a delectable prix fixe dinner at Sake Rok.

These Las Vegas dinner and show packages will keep you entertained and gastronomically delighted. The food is tasty, the shows are superb, and the combination is heavenly. Book tickets for one of these dinner and show packages in Las Vegas and you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Shows

Cirque du Soleil is an institution that has completely revolutionized circus performance. Although they originated in Canada, some of their biggest and best shows are staged in Las Vegas. Indeed, Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows offer a heightened showmanship that have made them some of the most popular Vegas acts. These innovative circus shows will keep you gripped from start to finish.

KÀ showcases a dynamic moving set on which multiple performers leap, throw spears, and show off martial arts moves. The harrowing wheel of death adds an element of awe and fear into the mix, making this a truly great Cirque du Soleil show.


Mystère is high energy and full of captivating movement. Some performers swing up high in beautiful silk while others perform amazing trapeze moves, and comedic MCs keep the audience giggling too.

Michael Jackson ONE

This excellent take on a tribute honors the life of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. There’s dancing and acrobatics set to some of Jackson’s best and most popular musical numbers.

The Beatles LOVE

The Beatles LOVE has won various awards, including some Grammys, and pleased thousands of audience members during its time in Las Vegas. The performers do aerial yoga, water ballet, and more to a Beatles inspired soundtrack.


This water-based show takes the best of Cirque du Soleil’s talent and innovation and puts it to play in a beautiful aquatic set. There are even synchronized swimmers and high divers in this stunning show.

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows are truly mind blowing. They are cleverly conceived, wonderfully produced, and completely at home amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas. Get your tickets and prepare for a thrill a minute in these Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows.

Las Vegas Musical Shows

There’s nothing better than a night of dazzling music from top notch performers in a beautiful setting. Thankfully, Las Vegas musical shows offer all that and more to the audience. If you like music, Las Vegas musical shows will enthrall you. And luckily, there are plenty of shows to choose from! Try one of these excellent Las Vegas musical shows if you want a night of great entertainment.

Menopause The Musical

This hilarious comedy musical sheds new light on “the change” in a woman’s life. From weight gain to hot flashes and more, Menopause The Musical merrily jokes and sings about it all.

BAZ Star Crossed Love

BAZ Star Crossed Love is a musical extravaganza based on the works of filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. It combines music and beautiful moments from various love stories. This excellent production will move your musical mind and your loving heart.

50 Shades! The Parody

50 Shades of Gray was a rampant success that is excellently parodied in this bouncy musical. Fans of the books and films and its detractors will enjoy this hearty musical romp.

Vegas! The Show

Vegas acts as a musical history of Las Vegas itself, charting the stories of some of its entertainment icons. It includes the stories of vintage Vegas big names like Elvis and Sinatra, all the way up to modern day performers.

Evil Dead The Musical

This comedic musical production will thrill horror fans. Loosely based on the cult horror films, it’ll make you jump out of your seat and laugh until you cry.

Get your hands on some tickets and make your way to the Las Vegas strip. Whatever your musical taste, you’ll find something to enjoy in Las Vegas. The glitz, glamour, and execution of these Las Vegas musical productions will surely blow your mind!

Las Vegas Tribute Shows

Las Vegas tribute shows are the perfect way to experience your favorite performer when the real thing isn’t possible anymore. Maybe they’ve stopped touring, maybe they’ve passed on, or maybe tickets are just too expensive. A Las Vegas tribute show will let you get in on the action. Choose a performer, grab some tickets, and get yourself to the Las Vegas strip for these fantastic Las Vegas tribute shows.

Human Nature Jukebox

The performers in Human Nature Jukebox perfectly harmonize their voices for renditions of classic tunes and current pop hits. They cover pop, Motown, soul, and various other genres of music in this auditorily delightful show.

All Shook Up

Elvis Presley is the king of rock ‘n’ roll, and All Shook Up is a heartfelt tribute to his talent and music. The live band and talented musicians recreate Elvis’s exceptional voice, distinctive dance moves, and smoky charisma.

Beatleshow Orchestra

The Beatles are an iconic band that are still gaining new fans today, long after they stopped making new music. Beatleshow Orchestra is a walk down memory lane that mimics the experience of a concert from the real Fab Four.

The Australian Bee Gees Show

These Australian performers look, sing, and behave just like the legendary Bee Gees. They strut through the band’s classic hits with an ease and infectious energy that keeps the audience on their toes.

Hitzville The Show: Motown Revue

This heartening tribute to Motown music contains all the classic hits that make Motown music so memorable. There are recreations of music from Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, and more in this excellent show.

You’ll be dancing in your seat when you go to see these Las Vegas tribute shows. They’re bouncy, full of life, and fantastic tributes to the performers they are emulating

Las Vegas Adult Shows

Las Vegas adult shows are provocative, thrilling, and erotic fairgrounds of delight. If you’re feeling frisky, why not take in an adult show on the Las Vegas strip? After all, there’s no better place to explore your adventurous side than Las Vegas. These sexy and charming performances will keep you on the edge of your seat all night. Whether you’re visiting alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends for a giggle, you’ll adore these Las Vegas adult shows.


Zumanity is a sensual piece of erotic theater that combines the showmanship of Cirque du Soleil with more adult themes. The performers interact in a series of highly erotic performance vignettes depicting various sexy scenarios to thrill the audience.

Chippendales: The Show

The Chippendales are ten deliciously good looking men who thrust their hips and portray fantasy scenarios to their adoring audiences. Whatever your taste in men, there’s a Chippendale to catch your eye.

X Burlesque

X Burlesque showcases the dancing talents of six sensual women. They gyrate to a variety of music in various styles, creating a truly erotic show for the eager audience.


Absinthe combines traditional burlesque, kinky comedy, and circus inspired performance. The result is a humorous but sensual act that will keep the audience titillated throughout.

Magic Mike Live

The sexy men of Magic Mike, the hugely popular Channing Tatum film, bring their toned pecs and smooth dance moves to Las Vegas. Racy routines from the movie and brand new concoctions are brought to life onstage.

Las Vegas is a daring city full of bold delights. Really, it’s the perfect place to enjoy an adult performance that is sexy and thrilling without being tasteless. Make sure to visit one of these thoroughly adult shows on your next trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Shows for Kids

If you’re visiting Las Vegas with your family, you’re probably looking for ways to entertain people of all ages. What works for Mom and Dad might be too grown up the kids. Luckily, there are plenty of Las Vegas shows for kids and family members at every age and stage. These funky Las Vegas shows will get great reviews from every member of your family.

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

This side splitting show will please children and give older audiences a giggle too. Gregory Popovich’s cast of household pets perform hilarious scenarios, behaving like humans and pulling it off impeccably.


Mystere is a thrillingly athletic production that showcases Cirque du Soleil at its best. Its visual appeal and funny MCs make it perfectly appropriate for kids too. This is definitely a show to visit with the whole family.

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings is funny, silly, and an all-around good time. The performers dress as medieval knights and joust as the audience enjoy dinner and get involved in the show.

V – The Ultimate Variety

This Las Vegas variety show is perfect for kids and adults. It includes a cast of talented acrobats, gymnasts, and many more performers. You might even recognize some of them from shows like America’s Got Talent!

Recycled Percussion

Recycled Percussion were finalists on America’s Got Talent and they deserved their spot there. They use various percussion instruments to create fantastic music that will thrill children and parents. And audience members are also given drumsticks, so you can get involved too!

There’s no need to worry if you’re taking a trip to Las Vegas with your children. By booking tickets to one of these excellent Las Vegas shows for kids, you’re guaranteed some age-appropriate amusement. They offer something for the whole family to enjoy.

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